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Strawberry Picking!

I recently took the family Strawberry Picking. I haven’t been for years! My Mum used to take me to a little farm when I was young. I loved it, I used to take my tub along the fields and fill it with as many strawberries as I could (as well as sampling!). I found a …


Pokémon GO!……..sort of

Ok so you may have noticed that a little game has launched recently named Pokémon GO. Now this post isn’t going to be a ‘how to play’ or anything like that because there are already much more experienced people than me out there! A little bit of history of me and Pokémon. I’ve grown up …


Where have I been?!

Hello!! So I’ve been VERY quiet on my blog this month! I thought I’d write a quick post to say I’ve not disappeared! This post won’t have many, if any, pictures. This is due to writing this during a long car journey. I closed the shop earlier this month so that I could enjoy the …


Weekly, slightly over, Reflection (5th October – 13th October)

Hello! I’ve been a bit quiet of late, I’ve been focussing on my shop, I’ve had family visit and I’ve had a few other bits and pieces going on. Instead of writing bits day by day I’ve decided to just pic out a few choice bits from the week. So I said I had family visit. …


Weekly Catch Up – 21/09/15

This week has been a very strange one, I’ve been really up and down with my moods. I’ve wanted to write some blogs and haven’t gotten around to it, but I did kick off my vlog on YouTube so it’s not all bad. Monday I had a really spontaneous morning. A lady from a Facebook …


Weekly Catch-Up

This is something new that I’m trying out, a browse back over my week. God knows how long it’ll last! Monday On Monday, I actually barely remember what I did! I think it was a bit of a personal catch up day. We were due to travel back to my hometown of Corby on Friday …


Sometimes you need to take a step back

Ok firstly I want to say last night I hit 200 followers on Pinterest! Yeyyyy! So what have I been up to today? FYI I don’t plan to blog everyday, it’ll just happen as when I feel like it. So today, I had intended to fill out my planner for the week. In hindsight it …


Hello and Welcome to my Blog!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Hello and Welcome to the ABeautifulPlan blog. My name is Kelly, I’m 30 years old. I have two beautiful children, George who’s 3 and Scarlett who’s almost 7 months. I have a Degree in Design and used to be a Creative Artworker but didn’t like the office environment and had …


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