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Autumn Artage

I love Autumn, it’s no secret. Using Anna’s artwork to create Autumnal spreads has been a therapy I’ve craved. My life is going through a huge transitional period and being able to sit and create has kept me sane! I usually work with watercolour but decided to get out the acrylics. I’ve been using them …


Self Exploration

I’m back with some creative journal pages using Anna’s Patreon artwork. I followed my usual process of printing images I like, positioning them around me and placing them on pages until I found something that worked. As usual this resulted in multiple pages, I can’t help myself! Whimsical In the first spread I have combined …


All the colours of the Rainbow

Hello! I’m a little late posting this but I’ve been working with Anna Brim’s Patreon artwork from April. I loved this selection of work because it’s so colourful! I decided to order the April Brimbles box and have included a few bits from there with my pages. In the first spread I’ve experimented with colour. …


Crafting with Mrs Brim

*please note that this is a re-post. I have recently moved my blog and unfortunately this post was lost in the process* Again we have been spoilt with the artwork given via Anna’s Patreon. I’ve managed to create four completed spreads, all with a different theme. The first spread used a lot of Anna’s mixed …


It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

I’m back with some of Anna Brim’s Patreon artwork. This month I’ve been playing with the December artwork. There’s a really nice mix of themes for this month, cute, abstract and a bit more technical. It meant I could try out a few different things. As usual I decided to create a journal spread, which …


October Brimbles Patreon

This month on Anna’s Patreon we have been spoilt again with beautiful artwork. We have been given a mixture of abstract mixed media and Anna’s signature sketches. I carefully selected and printed the pieces that stood out to me. I never really know where I’m going to go with the artwork or what I will …


Mrs Brimbles September Patreon

I have loved the artwork Anna has given us this month. The style is very much aimed towards Autumn, yey! I decided to create two spreads, it took me a while to work out what I wanted to do. I always look forward to seeing Anna’s mixed media work, this month featured one of my …


Planner Con!

(written 25/4/2016) Hello! The wanderer returns! Yes I know it’s been ages since I wrote a blog. Ages! With good reason and not the reasons I originally thought. So fingers crossed I’ve done this right. I want to talk about my reflection to the Brimbles Planner Con. This will be two parts with one as …


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