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My Scrapbook Storage

I recently wrote a post about my creative journals, a journey that started in 2015 and is still going strong today. With a creative journal, especially if there’s an element of scrapbooking, you collect a lot of stuff. Paints, pencils, pens, papers, paper die cuts, buttons, wooden die cuts, cork die cuts, stamps, journal cards, …


Crochet Love

I have a new hobby! I’ve found the ways of Crochet. This is all down to a good friend Jeni Bristow of StitchNWeave. I’ve never really been interested in Crochet, honestly I don’t know why. It may be because knitting was always the craft of choice in my household when growing up. I have tried …


ABP’s Top Blog Posts #2

I started this ages ago! So much for it maybe being a weekly/fortnightly thing! Safe to say it’ll be an ‘as and when’ thing. I’ve been making lists of blog posts and videos with the intention of sharing them as soon as I find time. So this is the second post for my top blog …


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