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This month is all about empowerment. I wondered what this meant to me. It took me a while to come up with an idea and how to show this in art. I follow Rhomany’s Realm on Patreon and this month the theme is Goddesses as we are in the star sign Virgo. I started to …


August Anna Brim Patreon

Hello Brimblers! This month I’ve been working with the collage sheets available from Anna’s Patreon. I decided to work with the more abstract artworks. I love the variety created by Anna, the colours used and how they inspired me. Firstly I decided to work with the collage paper style sheet. I’ve been drawn to a …



Below is my latest post on the Dream, Create, Journal blog 🙂 Hi everyone! This month we have been looking at working quotations into our Art. I had so many ideas for this and couldn’t settle on one. It’s been a busy month, it’s Summer! The kids are off School, my creative life as I …


Mrs Brimbles July Patreon

So we are now into July, how did that happen?? Earlier this year, Anna announced that the Brimbles HQ would be having a few changes. The boxes have stopped (definitely not an easy thing to say goodbye to, it was the first box I subbed to and it completely changed my planning life!). The sticker …


Creative Planner Update

Hello everyone! A little while ago I moved into a new creative planner. My personal sized Zinnydori! It’s such a bright colour and it’s so squidgy! I also recently bought a few bits from Little Rainbow Moon and Jo chose me to be a member of her one off marketing team. Her products look amazing …


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