So what’s it all about?

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(updated September 2016)

Hello and welcome to the ABeautifulPlan Blog Page!

My name is Kelly and I’m the creator. I’ve had this blog for a little while now and I felt like it was time to update the ‘about’ section. Around May 2015 I found the planning and stationery world. I was hooked! It was the creative outlet I had been looking for. I’ve always been creative and I have a degree in Design.

I never thought I could make something of myself with my creative interests, unless employed by a existing company. Yet here I am, a year and four months later with a growing Etsy shop, my blog and Youtube. I wake up every day looking forward to the creative tasks ahead. My life has turned a real corner for it and I love it.

Please find my Etsy shop below where I make stickers, planner inserts and sell other crafty bits.

Kelly xxx


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