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Planner Girls Collective…My 2017 Planners

Hello! This is the new name for the Confessions of series, the Planner Girls Collective. We have more people writing with us and brand new topics for this year! So starting us off, we’ve been asked to write about our reflection with our planners last year and our setups for this year. I’ve touched on… Continue reading Planner Girls Collective…My 2017 Planners

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Confessions of #16…Top 10 Stocking Fillers

Hello everyone! I didn’t take part last week. The topic was a December Bucket List, there will be a Christmas bucket list soon and I would have cross overs. So I sat it out. Similarly next week will have a Christmas Planner setup which I have already shown. If I post next week I may… Continue reading Confessions of #16…Top 10 Stocking Fillers

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Confessions of…#14 Favourite Recipe

I’m am so late posting this! I don’t know what’s going on recently but time has been whizzing by! It’s Friday tomorrow, it was Sunday 5 minutes ago! This week we have been asked to share our favourite recipe. I thought about this for ages as I couldn’t think of anything I cook that I… Continue reading Confessions of…#14 Favourite Recipe

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Confessions of #10…Autumn Planner Setup

Hello! This weeks subject is all about our Autumn Planner setup. I’m kind of in a transitional phase between planners. Ive started setting up my Autumn planner as its my favourite season and I’ve had a few bits saved for it. I also wanted to use it for some shop photography.  Im still using my… Continue reading Confessions of #10…Autumn Planner Setup

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Confessions of #9….Autumn Bucket List

There’s been a few discussions at Confessions HQ, we’re going to continue posting  but we’re mixing it up a bit. First of all we are going back to weekly posts, yey! Next we are going to include a much wider variety of posts as we want to keep the series fresh. Lastly, as a fair number… Continue reading Confessions of #9….Autumn Bucket List