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PGC…Halloween and Autumnal Planner Setups

I haven’t written a Planner Girls Collective post for a while and what better one to start on that’s firstly Planner related and secondly Autumn/Halloween! I’m currently in a few planners. I  have my mini Happy Planner which isn’t really anything fancy, it’s a glorified calendar with work timetables, events and appointments. I then have… Continue reading PGC…Halloween and Autumnal Planner Setups

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Halloween Carnival Volume 1 – Book Review

A little while ago I was granted permission to read and review a book on Netgalley named Halloween Carnival Volume 1. This is a collaboration of short stories by Robert McCammon, Kevin Lucia, John Little and Lisa Morton. As the title suggests, these stories all have a Halloween theme. Below is the blurb from the… Continue reading Halloween Carnival Volume 1 – Book Review

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PGC…How I do my Monthly Overview

Hello again 🙂 My monthly overview is very important. It’s the foundation of how I plan the month ahead. I don’t have one monthly overview, I have many! Firstly I have my bullet journal. At the beginning of every month, I will list a page with the days/dates of the month ahead. Then I draw… Continue reading PGC…How I do my Monthly Overview

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PCG…..My Planning Style

*Sigh* Yes I’m behind on these posts again! To be fair there is no pressure with the Planner Girl’s Collective posts. It’s optional and you don’t have to partake in every single weekly topic. However the last three posts are something I want to get involved with, these are: My Planning Style How I do… Continue reading PCG…..My Planning Style